​​Groom ($45 - $100)

Includes all the services of a bath as well as a full groom.  We offer a variety of lengths and styles for each dog including standard breed cuts and unique styles.  If you would like a special style or unusual cut, you may ask to speak directly with the groomer so that she may determine your exact needs or preferences.

Additional Services

Dremmel (Filing the nails) +5.00
Nail Trim (only) 10.00
Nail Polish +5.00
Flea Shampoo +2.00
Teeth Brushing +5.00
Teeth Cleaning* +15.00

*We clean the dog’s teeth without the use of anesthesia.  This depends on whether or not the dog will tolerate the procedure.   It may or may not result in a cleaning as thorough as a sedation-cleaning; however, it can help your dog to have healthier teeth and fresher breath without the dangers of anesthesia.  Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important to the health of your dog!

Anal Glands - We do express the anal glands in small breed dogs.  Small breeds are more vulnerable to anal gland impaction.  If the glands are not routinely expressed, the glands could become overfilled and rupture.  If you know your dog has problems with anal gland expression or if you simply do not want us to perform this service, please let us know upon check-in.

The HydroSurge bathing system gently massages your pet's skin while it helps remove deep-down dirt and dander.  If your dog requires an extensive brush-out due to ample undercoat or mats, there may be an additional fee

Cat Grooming ($30 - $75)

We offer cat grooming in a variety of styles and lengths.  Not all cats will tolerate grooming and some require a sedative in order to be groomed.  We will try to groom the cat first without sedation and see how they do.  Please note, we will not sedate your cat.  This will have to be done by your veterinarian the day of your appointment.

Bath ($20 - $50)


  • brushing
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • gland expression
  • hydro-surge bath
  • blow dry

Ear Hair – It is our policy to remove the ear hair in any dog with excessive growth.  This usually applies to shih tzus, schnauzers, poodles, etc.  We do this so that the ear can be cleaned properly and because, if the hair is left, it can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and cause serious ear infections.  If you do not wish for your dog’s ear hair to be removed, please let us know upon check-in.


Please call for availability.  Grooming is by appointment.  Drop-off is between 8am and 10am weekdays. Dogs are finished on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please know that we do our very best to finish the dogs as quickly as possible, but grooming is a process that (when done right) takes time.  


At Pet Paradise, we pride ourselves on the quality of workmanship and the care your pet receives during their visit. Our experienced and professional stylists are among the best in the industry.  We use shampoos that are all-natural and safe for your pet’s delicate skin.

Services & Packages

Prices vary depending on breed, size, and condition of coat.  Please call for an estimate.

Face/Feet/Sanitary or FFS ($25 - $60)​

Includes all the services of a bath, as well as trimming of the feet, pads, and sanitary or “private parts”.